Attention to detail

Who says micromanagement is a bad thing? When we’re on the job we take care of everything. Every permit needed, every contractor background-checked. We strive to eliminate the element of surprise from your job by doing our homework before we work on your home. Over a decade in business we’ve cultivated solid relationships with our suppliers, communities, and team members.  And we strive to cultivate that same relationship with you, our client, by providing superior construction experience that exceeds your expectations.  

Communication (we can’t stress this enough)

Here’s what we hate to hear from clients: “We love the job but we would have changed X or Y or Z if we could have.” Fortunately, we almost never here that. That’s because we encourage you to ask questions during design and construction, rather than waiting until after all the tools are packed away. A lot of times we can change the scope of work with an additional work order if you come to us early enough in the process.   

This is your home we’re talking about 

You invited us in to improve it and you trust us to do the job right. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Working for your satisfaction is a promise we intend to keep. When we’re on your job, we’re dedicated to maintaining a safe and positive work environment, and at the end of each day we make sure the construction site is clean. Because, after all, this is your home we’re talking about.

It starts with an idea. Your idea. So talk to us. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. We’re in the business of providing solutions that serve your needs without busting your budget.

When your beloved home starts to feel a little too familiar, it’s time to freshen it up. Maybe a room or two needs a facelift. Or maybe you’re ready for that walk-in closet you’ve always talked about. Or perhaps your needs have changed but you don’t want to move. Refresh, renew, and fall in love with your home again.

Each of our Design Consultants has a construction background and is ready to talk intelligently and realistically with you about your goals. He or she will develop a conceptual design for your approval and shepherd your project from beginning to end so your vision won’t get lost in translation.